Please continue to the booking link and fill out the booking form, please have the following information ready –

  • Your tattoo design idea
  • Some photo references
  • Size in cm or inches
  • Placement on the body
  • Preferred artist/artists
  • Once you filled the form please click send and we will reply shortly.

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a tattoo. It is against UK law to tattoo a minor, not even with parental consent. We also ask that you bring Photo ID to your tattoo appointment. No exceptions. Any reputable studio won’t tattoo under the age of 18..

This varies depending on the artist, the tattoo design, size, detail and location on the body. The studio itself has a minimum charge of £150 per tattoo. Please fill out a booking form via contact and we will get back to you with a estimated quote. we will give a price range when quoting (e.g. £250-300) which allows for any changes in design or size on the day of your tattoo.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes! But there are far worse things. We guarantee your comfort while getting tattooed and any artist will personally make sure you are in the least pain possible. All areas of the body feel different when getting tattooed, so some hurt more than others. But you will live to tell the tale, we promise!

We advise you to stay away from any harsh sunlight, sunbeds or doing any sunbathing after getting tattooed. As well as no saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools. So please leave it at least a month after getting tattooed before you enjoy any summer holidays.

Some tattoos take longer to heal than others. It takes at least two weeks for the skin to “heal”, but it takes months for the skin to fully regenerate. Your artist will give you an aftercare info sheet to take away, so that you know how to best look after your new tattoo.

After your tattoo appointment, your artist will tell you how to best take care of your new addition. You’ll also be provided with a hard copy to refer to throughout the healing process. #1 LEAVE YOUR BANDAGE ON FOR A MINIMUM OF 3 HOURS Your artist will wrap your tattoo before you leave the studio. Leave this on for a minimum of 3 hours and no longer than 5 hours. DO NOT RE-WRAP YOUR TATTOO unless you speak to us and we decide it’s a good idea. If your artist has wrapped your tattoo with Second Skin/Dermalize this can be left on for 2-3 days (your artist will let you know when to remove it). #2 WASH THOROUGHLY WITH WARM WATER After removal of your bandage, wash the tattoo and surrounding area with warm, clean water. You can use a small amount of soap if you wish, just make sure it is UNSCENTED. #3 PAT DRY WITH A CLEAN PAPER TOWEL Pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel and let the area air-dry for an hour before applying any aftercare cream. #4 APPLY A THIN LAYER OF AFTERCARE PRODUCT Apply a THIN layer of product over the tattoo and massage gently into the skin until it is completely absorbed. We recommend Palmers Cocoa Butter or a fragrance-free moisturiser. DO NOT LEAVE A THICK LAYER ON THE SKIN! #5 KEEP YOUR TATTOO CLEAN WITH WATER AND SOAP This is the most important part of healing your tattoo! Make sure you are cleaning your tattoo two or three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Then pat dry before applying your aftercare product. #6 REPEAT THIS PROCESS FOR A WEEK OR TWO Repeat the daily cleaning process for a week or two depending on how the tattoo looks. If your tattoo has completely scabbed over then please leave it to heal naturally. #7 NO SOAKING IN WATER OF ANY KIND During the healing process… NO swimming pools, NO jacuzzis, NO ocean swimming, NO baths, NO soaking in water of any kind! Showering is fine, just don’t get the tattoo wet for too long. #8 BE CAREFUL IN THE SUN Your skin will be even more sensitive after being tattooed, so NO sunbathing during the healing process. After your tattoo is healed, please use a factor 50 sun cream to keep your tattoo looking its best.

We currently accept cash, PayPal payments and bank transfer. Unfortunately we do not take Credit or Debit cards yet. Absolutely no cheques.

The best thing you can do is to be well-rested. You will find that your pain tolerance is a lot higher when you are feeling your best. It helps to have a good meal at least 2 hours before your appointment and to stay hydrated. If you feel weak or faint during your tattoo, then have a sugar filled drink to get your blood-sugar levels up. Please don’t party the night before… alcohol thins the blood for up to 24 hours and can dilute our ink pigments, affecting both the appearance of your tattoo as well as the healing process. Remember that we are here to help, so don’t stress, we will look after you throughout your tattoo.

Definitely not! We do NOT discriminate or judge your ideas, each client is different and we respect all reasons for wanting each individual tattoo. To give you the best tattoo possible, our artists will help to direct you towards the best design and placement for your idea, using their experience and knowledge. We are the professionals, but it’s your body so we will always take your ideas on board and make sure you are happy with the design before tattooing it.

Not a problem, we would simply need to make the new tattoo work around your current tattoo. This means your desired new tattoo design may need tweaking. You may also need to seek laser removal for us to do the best job possible, we will recommend the best solution for you depending on the existing tattoo and the new design.

Generally, we can tattoo over scarred or damaged skin, as long as it has healed fully. Please seek advice from your doctor or GP if you have severe scarring. It’s always a good idea to come in and show us in person, but a photograph over email could also help us advise you. Please don’t feel embarrassed about showing us your scars, we are not passing judgement at all, we just want to see if we can tattoo you.

Yes – all skin colours or tones can be tattooed and all of our artists are happy to do so.

Yes – it is possible to tattoo with white ink and some of our artists are happy to do so, however it’s good to note that once the skin heals over the ink, the tattoo will no longer look white. This is due to the fact that the human skin in not transparent, so as the tattoo heals under the skin it will appear as a paler version of the colour of your skin.

If you don’t look after your new tattoo it is likely that you won’t be happy with it once it’s healed! A fresh tattoo is essentially an open wound, so you want to leave it alone to heal as much as possible. Scratching or picking at your tattoo can cause the ink to fall out of the skin, and applying too much cream or oil can cause fine lines to widen. Please follow the aftercare instructions given by your artist so that your tattoo can heal quickly and cleanly. Following our aftercare rules plays a large part in the final result. Remember that your tattoo artist has invested a lot of time in order to provide you with the best possible result. So wear your unique artwork with pride and care for it properly!

We would love to tattoo everyone but unfortunately we cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have Atopic Dermatitis in the area you want to get tattooed. We also will not tattoo anyone who comes to the studio under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Your personal life isn’t our business, but we do ask that you don’t come into the studio under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The outcome of the tattoo can be affected by your choice of what you put into your body, and we also want the studio to be a safe and welcoming place for our other clients and artists. If you are drunk or high when you arrive at the studio, we will ask you to leave, you will forfeit your deposit and you will not be able to get tattooed at Green Oak Tattoo in the future.

This isn’t a problem at all, a lot of artists tend to draw your design either on the morning of your appointment with a fresh head or with you on the day and time of your appointment, unless stated otherwise. So don’t worry if you change your mind, just let your artist know as soon as you can. If you are scheduled to see a design before getting tattooed then please give the artist enough notice by contacting them directly ASAP.

Yes, when tattooing we do break the skin so you will bleed, but it is minimal and the artist will constantly be wiping it away. If you are worried about fainting from the sight of blood please inform your artist beforehand so that they can help you to feel comfortable during your tattoo.

If you had your tattoo done with us and think you need a touch up, then please send us an image of your healed tattoo so that we can advise you. Most touch ups are free if you return to the original artist with a few months.

Generally we are a high demand studio so unfortunately most artists have a long waiting list. But you can sign up to our news letter via the main page for updates on cancellations. We do offer walk ins also so don’t worry.

We recommend talking to your artist beforehand about using numbing cream, as some artists are not comfortable with it. This is because it can make the skin more difficult to tattoo and can sometimes effect how it heals. There is often a greater level of pain experienced once the cream has worn off too, and some creams don’t last as long as your tattoo session. If your artist is comfortable with you using a numbing cream then they will recommend which creams are suitable and will also explain how to apply them.

Each artist will feel differently about areas of the body they will and will not tattoo. The areas of the body most artists are not comfortable with are normally the sides of the fingers, the inner lip, genitals, below the ankle and the soles of the feet. These areas tend to be very difficult to heal and/or are prone to drop-outs and blow-outs.

No – our artists will not directly copy another artist’s design. However, each artist is willing to take inspiration from certain pieces and will take pride in creating their own original version for you. We want to respect you and the owner of the original design by giving you something unique.

Yes, all of the black ink used by our resident artists is vegan friendly. If you are having any colour in your tattoo, or being tattooed by a guest artist who may bring their own ink, please make sure you tell your artist before getting tattooed that you require vegan friendly ink, just to make sure.

Your tattoo will only ever expand or reduce at the same rate as your skin, it will not distort in shape. If you are worried about this, please contact your artist with any questions you may have.